This is a GPC SPECIAL SEED RAFFLE >  Your chance for special genetics to grow the future BIG!!!

And the winners are…

Mark Seets @2,906

Jamie Graham @ 2,906

Ruden Mendi @ 2,905

Craig Bierle @ 2,902.

Jim Bok @ 2,902

Steve Marley @2,902

Tanner Conway wins the second chance raffle.

Thanks again to the Paton brothers for their generous donation. And thank you all in the GPC grower community for participating in this GPC fundraising event. A total of $2,245 was raised via the contest. All funds raised will be used to support awards and recognition for GPC growers.

To view the full list of guess entries, please use this link: Click Here 


The Specs:>

1885  Werner– The Biggest pumpkin ever taped! Crossed with the 2356 Mendi! This is the chosen ONE that you will base your weigh guess estimation on to WIN the Whole ShaBangZ!

2356 Mendi – Crossed with the biggest pumpkin ever taped! The 1885! Currently taping over 2K!

2183 Mendi – Crossed with the 2356 Mendi currently taping over 2K.

1940 Urena – Crossed with the 2356 Mendi currently taping over 2K.


GPC is holding a SPECIAL Raffle

Thank You to the Paton’s for coming up with this PUSH THE BUTTON event!

Raffle> 1 seed from ALL 4 pumpkins will be offered to the growers who guess the weight of the 1885 Werner!  Currently taping into stratosphere never before seen.  Crossed with super heavy genetics!

We will have 4 WINNERS > Who ever guesses the closets weigh on the 1885 without going over will WIN the Paton Seed Push the Button Pak!.

$15 per guess. UNLIMITED Guesses allowed.  3 Guesses for $40. All information needs to be entered to the site to be eligible for entrée.

The top 3 that correctly guess the weight or closest to without going over will win a set of THESE SUPER SEEDS!  A drawing will be held for the fourth set, JUST for entering the PUSH THE BUTTON CONTEST!

OPEN to the Internet and International!

First entered first WIN.

CONTEST is OPEN to Everyone!   Payment by PAYPAL account ONLY! No other payment means accepted.

The contest will end when after the BIG ONE gets weighed…but those others…. BIG BIG BIG. Don’t miss out on this genetic set of a life time!


YOUR GPC COMMITTEE Growing the future BIG!

Let’s GROW!