NYBG-New York Botanical Gardens

It is with great pleasure the GPC Executive Committee announces the continuing event with the New York Botanical Gardens (NYBG). For the past several years we have had great success working with the NYBG to bring the 3 of the biggest pumpkins/squash and their growers to New York City for an expense paid trip with the top fruits on display at the New York Botanical’s Haunted Garden in New York City.

This event has evolved through the selfless efforts of prior GPC Champions & GPC Committee members. The fact that all growers & sites have worked as a united team makes us an invincible force pushing our beloved sport/hobby into the main stream. Without your loyalty, selfless hard work, & vision for the future this would have never been possible & the GPC, would like to Thank You!

A special thanks to our wonderful sponsors: WOW, Neptune’s Harvest & New York Botanical Garden