Dick Wallace

by Dave McCallum:
Unknown Grower

I have been very impressed with Hugh Wibergs choice to replace himself on the GPC executive with Dick. His involvement in the local weigh-off groups and dedication to growing giants is unsurpassed. He has a genuine love of organizing pumpkin events that give back to the growers and Dick says I have never met a pumpkin grower I didn’t like. Dick lives and plays under the Howard dill philosophy that says pumpkins make people happy. His son Ron has nick named him “Mr. Helper Friend”.  Personally, I am even impressed with his email address as paps56buick@hotmail.com. I had a grandfather named paps who was my idol and he owned a 56 Buick at one time so the connection between Dick and myself was immediate.

Dick is a 66 year old Marine Veteran Prankster and I stress prankster. He is one of the few people who can call our President Dave Stelts “Unibrow” and get away with it, he is just that kind of guy. Dick Wallace was employed as a production and purchasing manager for most of his working life. He has had several other hobbies including drawing pumpkin cartoons and wood working with his friend Joe Jutras preparing the beautiful trophies which we present here at the seminar for GPC winners. Dick is a very serious grower and analyzes before he makes decisions. Many stories have originated from the Wallace Pumpkin Club house.

Sometimes the boy comes out Dick loves his animals. Then came the famous 1068 Wallace. All I can say is what a salesman Dick is. I mean he pumped up that seed like it was the only seed in the world and promoted so everyone would plant it and make it even more famous. I really think it was part squash.  Then came 2007 decision time again What a year, Can you believe that field 1347, 1502, 1502, 1450,1174,1110 The 1450 was a proud moment But the 1502 was an even prouder moment for Dad. Being part of the 1400 pound club The 1502 sets new heights for weight. Oh yea and there is dick’s poetry too. A happy grower, a special person who has helped revolutionize the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth to what it is today. It would have been a pretty boring ride without you Dick and you have contributed to our sport immensely and we thank you for it. Ladies and gentlemen Dick Wallace.

Don Langevin

by Dave McCallum:

  I go back to this picture and pick out one more individual which we wish to honour today, Mr Don Langevin Don has written three great books to guide new growers through the process of how to grow giant pumpkins He has done this by his experiences as a hands on grower Here Don and Anne show off the 953 Then one day Don had an idea Why not a measuring tape that will tell the pumpkin weight. The pumpkins are now so big Don has had to recall his tapes and make them longer. Yes, Don has a sense of humour which we all appreciate although some of his van traveling buddies may challenge me on that However, Don has published so much information on growing giant pumpkins that you must be illiterate to not be able to follow the information he has shared with everyone and we thank him for that.