Long Gourds

1) The long gourd competition is strictly for length.

2) To obtain a measurement the long gourd must be on a horizontal flat surface that will support the entire length of the specimen.

3) Only a metal tape measure or a carefully calibrated sliding device may be used for the measurement.

4) No part of the stem will be considered in the total length.

5) The measurement must be the straight line horizontal distance from the end of the gourd near the base of the stem to the tip at the blossom end. No curvature of the gourd is to be used to increase the measurement.

6) All specimens must be sound, whole and firm.

7) The tip of the gourd must be firm and in good condition. Those with a tip that is rotten, shriveled or rubbery should be left at home. If such a specimen does appear at a GPC site, it may be listed as damaged (DMG).

8) Recognizing that the perfect long gourd is a rarity, very minor surface cracks, soft spots and other flaws may be permitted at the discretion of the GPC judges.

9) The long gourd shall only be weighed during the year it was grown. Any long gourd weighed at a year other than the year it was grown will be disqualified.