GPC -Hall of Fame


The criteria requirements are listed below in the order of importance and should reflect more positively to candidates who are and have been leaders in the overall running of clubs and the building of our great hobby.

✓ Club/GPC participation (must have taken a leadership role for 5 years or more at a club, GPC site coordinator, Executive Committee Member, or similar roles). The nominee should have demonstrated a high level of integrity, self-lessness and ethical conduct throughout their history.

✓ Generosity of time and seeds and knowledge (must have given freely of his/her time to the betterment of this hobby including public speaking, seed donations and volunteering at any level, organizing events, etc.).

✓ Number of awards won during career (must have won 5 local/regional GPC sanctioned events, bonus for regional & world records in any of the GPC categories.

 ✓ Number of years growing (must have been an active grower for at least 10 years documented by entries at GPC weigh-off sites). To be eligible, a person must meet at least 75% (3 out of 4), of the above criteria.

 Nominations that do not meet the above criteria’s will not be accepted.


❖ Nominations for the HOF will be submitted by Regions. GPC Area Representatives will be communicating to all clubs who in turn are advised to communicate with other clubs in their Region to determine a worthy nominee for their area. Currently, the GPC consists of 10 regions.  Click Here to view the regions.  Any nomination submitted must come from within their Region.

 ❖ Club presidents will submit the nominee along with a bio to their GPC Regional Committee Rep. If they can’t agree on just one, the Committee will accept up to two per Region, but only one will move forward for consideration per region. GPC Reps will both work with and help oversee these nominations in their Regions. This will help ensure the worthiness of these nominations to be on the ballot. Nominations that do not meet the above criteria will not be accepted.

❖ HOF members from the nominee’s region may be consulted as part of the vetting process.

❖ Voting on nomination acceptance and ballots will be done by the GPC Committee with open voting during our online GPC meetings. The Committee feels that all Regions have the right to nominate any grower who they believe is worthy of this great honor, from within their region, the only exception would be sitting current GPC Committee members, they are not eligible.

 This year the Committee will be seeking to induct 1 or 2 new members into the HOF. It is recommended the length of BIO’s submitted by the regions be no longer than 3 pages. 2 to 3 pages should be ample space to list the grower’s attributes for the nomination ballot.

 The deadline for receiving the nomination is December 1 of each year.