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GPC & NYBG Event

It is with great pleasure the GPC Executive Committee announces an awesome new improved event with the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). For the past 2 years we have had great success with the NYBG bringing the 3 biggest pumpkins in North America to NYC for an expense paid trip, media opportunities, & have their pumpkin professionally carved.

This event has evolved through the selfless efforts of prior GPC champions & GPC committee members. The fact that all growers & sites have worked as a united team makes us an invincible force pushing our beloved sport/hobby into the main stream. Without all of your loyalty, selfless hard work, & vision for the future this would have never been possible & the GPC thanks you!!!!!

A special thanks to our wonderful sponsors: Extreme Gardening & New York Botanical Garden

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Desciption of Event:

  • Top 3 pumpkins in the GPC will make the trip to the NYBG, this event is open to all GPC sites & growers world-wide.
  • 2 people for each pumpkin will get transportation for them & their pumpkin from their residence to the NYBG & back home (sorry pumpkin stays)
  • Pumpkin professionally carved by Ray Villafane - covered


  • 4 nights hotel stay in Manhatten - covered
  • All meals for duration of trip - covered.
  • All transportation in NYC - covered.
  • All siteseeing in NYC - covered 
  • All your seeds professionally extracted, dried, & mailed home to you - covered
  • There is now a cash prize for the largest pumpkin displayed at the NYBG for this event based on the following criteria:
    • $2,000 for the biggest pumpkin
    • $3,000 for the biggest pumpkin in the GPC
    • $5,000 in the biggest pumpkin is a world record
    • Only 1 cash prize will be awarded per year.

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This trip not only covers up to 6 people for the 3 pumpkins but it now includes 2 representatives from the site of the largest pumpkin!!!! That?s right the site of the biggest pumpkin will get to take part in the event just like the growers with all the same perks. This includes the media event to promote your site plus the following:

1. The GPC will have branding (logo or text mention, depending on space) on the following:

  • 4x9? event cards (10,000+)
  • Daily Handouts distributed to Garden guests (15,000+)
  • Fall Calendar of Events (100,000+)
  • Signage at the Grand Central Station event (1mm+)
  • Signage at NYBG (250,000+)
  • Email blasts about the event ? up to five (500,000+)
  • Inclusion in social media posts on Facebook and Twitter


  • Pumpkins must arrive at the NYBG by no later than 5pm EST on the Arrival date listed below.
  • If a site will not release a qualifying entry in time to make this deadline we ask that you notify the GPC & your participating growers by the end of the GPC registration period so they will have ample notice.
  • The GPC will still have sanctioned weigh-offs past the Load-in date, listed below, but any pumpkin that would have qualified will not be eligible for the trip or the prize money associated with this event.
  • The actual grower does not need to attend this event with their pumpkin (pumpkin must go) in order to get the prize money.
  • The GPC will make every effort to get the biggest 3 pumpkins to this event, if the 3rd &/or 2nd place pumpkins will push the cost over the budget in this agreement we reserve the right to pass this to the next biggest fruit that fits into the budget.
  • If the largest pumpkin does not attend the NYBG event the grower will not receive GPC prize money. These monies & prizes will only be available to the biggest pumpkin that makes the trip to the NYBG event.
  • In order to make arrangements we ask that any pumpkin that would make the top 3 on the last weekend prior to the event contact the GPC by no later than 6pm EST on the Load-in dates listed below. If we do not have enough lead time it is very possible qualifying pumpkin(s) could be left out of this opportunity. We respect the growers rights to anonymity but at the same time please understand it is very hard to make arrangements in such short notice.

  2015 Growing Season 2016 Growing Season 2017 Growing Season
Load-in Date 10/13/2015 10/11/2016 10/10/2017
Arrival Date 10/21/2015 10/19/2016 10/18/2017