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2014 Hall of Fame

Russ Landry


Service with the GVGO (Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario):

             Co-Founder and currently the science director & news author of the Giant Vegetable Growers of        Ontario (GVGO) approximately 350+ members.

             Club Executive since formation 2004 to 2012.

             Club President 2012 to present.

             Organized two Club patch tours.

             Organized two Club, AGM's and annual spring seminars.

             Web auctions and AGP & Tomato seed sales 2004 to present.

             Web site administrator 2009 to present.

             Developed tomato seed fund raising 2011.

             Co-Developed Clubs Mission statement.

             Co-Web site development, Supplied numerous articles as web page content.

             Facilitator, Public speaking engagements at several Horticultural Societies in Ontario.

             Ontario Horticultural Society guest speaker. Listed in Ontario.


 Focused on science based fact articles

             Author:  Featured Writer Maximum Yield, magazine USA with numerous published articles.

             Future: Maximum Yield Canada 2014

             Editor GVGO Newsletter 2013 - present.

             The Calcium Highway

             Landry AGP Bench Marks 2005 to 2010

             Developed the Auction price file established seed prices 2004 to 2009.

             Published numerous pieces and works in many club newsletters  each year.

             Author:  Featured Writer Maximum Yield, magazine USA with numerous published articles.

             Future: Maximum Yield Canada 2014


             TV - Appeared on Discovery channel 2007 daily planet show.

             TV - Appeared on Discovery channel fall 2008 Science in the City segment, daily planet show.

             TV- Numerous news cast interviews 2004 to 2011.

             TV - Good Morning show CTV Ontario 2008.

             TV - Appeared on Discovery channel fall 2008 daily planet show

             Print - Newspaper, Magazines, featured in many articles in regional and local ON,  publications.

             Radio - Appeared on CBC National Morning show.

GPC Service

             Former Vice President of the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC).

             RTI  Co-development of working sales agreement, securing future stable funding to the GPC.

             Co- authored mission statement.

             Developed and pioneered GPC web board auctions on

             Developed and supplied web page content for web site.

             Fostered development of GPC guest speakers at Convention

             Founder GPC Cornerstone  Weigh-off 2005 to 2009

             Organizer GPC weigh-off Woodbridge fair weigh-off 2006 -2013

             Co-organized & facilitated GPC, BP auctions.

             Developer of GPC weigh-off locations in Ontario, Cornerstone, Woodbridge, Wellington,

             Supporter of New Ontario site in Bracebridge for 2014.

Niagara Falls Convention, IGVGC.

             Past  > MC, Host and Director, International Giant Vegetable Growers Convention 2005 - 10.

             Facilitator > organized and ran three annual BP auctions.

             Program Itinerary and organization 2005 to 2010

             Facilitator Breakout sessions 2008 to 2010

             Niagara fund raising. 2005 - 2010.

             Co-organized, conducted & auctioneer  annual BP auctions. 2010.


             Founder Cornerstone GPC Weigh-off 2005-09

             Co-Organizer site Rep, Woodbridge Fair Weigh-off 2006-13.

             Judge at GPC events Woodbridge, Port Elgin, Cornerstone & Wellington 2005 - 13.

Team Lunatic

             Member at large 2009 to present

             Facilitator > co-organized,  conducted & auctioneer  annual BP auctions. 2012 - 13.

Grower Education

             Facilitator, Seminars for Non, New & Advanced  growers.....

Local 4H clubs, Horticultural Societies

GVGO members. How to grow Atlantic Giants & Giant Vegetable and Flowers.

             Facilitator Q & A sessions. Cruise 2006 & 2010.

Growth PB

             1073* pounds in Squash, 2007

             1238.5 Pumpkin 2009

             Winner Woodbridge Fair, AGP 2008

             5.41 Tomato ranked, 2nd in the world 2011.

             Winner Wellington Weigh-off, Tomato 2011.